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Creative Humans




We’re Elisa and Tam, partners in life and in business. We’ve built Bent Design Co. in the spirit of living life with intention and creative fulfillment. 


BENT is an acronym (“By Elisa ‘n Tam”) but it’s also how our brains get when we’ve got an exciting new project ahead of us. We get bent on making your home or business more engaging and visually dynamic. 


In 2021, Elisa resigned from a corporate gig as a UX Designer and traded her title for something more fluid: “Creative Human.” She thrives on clever collaboration, clean lines, and color.


While Elisa drives the creative projects at Bent Design Co., Tam manages the business and accounting. She doesn’t keep her hands exclusively in spreadsheets though; you’ll find them getting painty when she jumps in to help with mural work.  


Need a mural painted in your home or business? How about a new or refreshed logo? Contact us today for a quote! 


Seattle Central Creative Academy

Seattle, WA


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